My customer in the CIFF Fair My customer in the CIFF Fair That is an nice season in September, we attend the CIFF fair in the Guangzhou. In the morning, I just go out from the toilet of the fair, There comes three handsome guys with golden h
My important customer My important customer That is the first year I work for Louis Donne, To be honestly I’m a newbie for furniture My boss give me a new Alibaba account, I got my first inquiry on that day from a guy named Ham
 My customer on alibaba +CIFF  My customer on alibaba +CIFF “ I am interested in buying 20 Set/Sets. Please provide us with a quotation” inquiry I got from Mr, Osama. I Reply to customer very quickly :”we are focus on recliner sofa for more th
My frist big customer on alibaba  My frist big customer on alibaba 2016-4-1 April fool, this is a special day. I received an inquiry”1000 pcs home theater” from Ann American in the 10pm, at that time, our boss brought us to Huizhou city for three da

The Group headquarters of Mebon International Industrial Limited Corporation is located in Sha Tin district, Hong Kong, and established in 2003, which is mainly specialized in middle and high-grade recliner sofa, modern sofa, and bed as well as mattress. Now Mebon furniture,in the field of the industry, has gradually taken the leading position in terms of design,quality and management, by continuous innovation with learning from the designer teams of both Germany and Italy more than ten years, which makes a great contribution to the development of soft sofa. Through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture), Our products, including leather sofa,fabric sofa, leather bed, fabric bed, and mattress , are exported to European countries,the United States ,and others, totally more than 30 countrie..