Functional sofa, the first choice of the hedonism

Created Date: 2017-11-29 15:01:22

The daily family life at home, the highest utilization rate in addition to the bed is a sofa, modern sofa in order to meet the needs of modern people, is not just sitting, in addition to more comfort, more environmentally healthy, have both deformation, storage storage and other functions, the above functional blend together, it is in a good sofa.

As the logistics is more and more developed, people's demands for comfort and beauty are getting higher and higher.

To be comfortable and to have a face value, modern people are so capricious.A sofa with a foot seat is suitable for a less spacious family, and such a sofa at home can make the whole family more transparent.

The first layer of leather sofa sofa storage. This function is too powerful, the first layer of leather fabric, breathable and comfortable. A table with lockers, placing magazines or mobile phone and other items, take more convenient.USB charging function, while the nest on the sofa watching movies, while hand machine charging, this day is too good.

folding lunch sofa. With this push pull type sofa, large-sized apartment can also have high quality. As the metal slide, little sister paper gently, instantly becomes a bed. Select high-quality imitation cotton fabrics, fine texture, thick, skin friendly breathable. The whole bed can be washable, easy to clean, more intimate.

Breathing corner sofa fabric suede sofa fabric, soft warm, natural, fresh color is light enough at first sight. 

 Single sofa. Winter sun shines on the body very comfortable, sitting on the sofa so that a cup of coffee and a book, enjoying a pleasant afternoon, the picture not too beautiful. This sofa not only comfortable sitting, the backrest can also adjust, is the sofa and table, is not very practical?

Simple solid wood sofa. Solid rubber wood base, high density rebound sponge, 1.6 times cotton breathable fabric, bring you is not only comfortable. Does not contain bisphenol A, does not contain formaldehyde, which is used to buy can be without drying, health and environmental protection is one of the highlights of this sofa.