Retro is a kind of personality, classical sofa modern style

Created Date: 2018-06-01 16:53:38

When it comes to home design, most people focus on Nordic, minimalist, modern styles. However, there is a called "retro" amorous feelings, but also always enduring. Retro sofa is bearing the feelings of a lot of people.

There are many elements involved in retro style , such as European pull point process , old rivet decoration , solid wood main frame , luxurious atmosphere oil wax skin fabric and so on .

Of course, in order to meet the aesthetic needs of the present, more designers combine classical and modern, the atmosphere of modern style and the elegance of classical style coexist, fashion and aristocrat meet each other. For the home to bring new classical style of excellence taste.

New-classical style of sofa, but also because of the noble temperament, light luxury fashion, and by a lot of consumers, among them more prominent is the American retro style sofa, It combines the elegance of court style with the simple design and clear lines of European classical style, combines their advantages, and develops the delicate and simple features.

Today we recommend a few classical style of sofa for you to love the retro style of you to provide some fresh choices, so that your home nostalgia complex, get the maximum publicity right?

1. Simple European chair sofa. Simple European chair sofa, exquisite workmanship, comfortable curve, extremely favored design elements, typical American rural style, not only to prevent curling, but also to give the sofa elegant nostalgia.

2.American retro style sofa. Sofa with neo-classical temperament, classical rural modern style, in the modeling design, the six sides of the handrail is full of streamline and diagonal intertwined, the overall modeling without losing stability and rhythm.

3.American retro oil wax sand hair. American style sofa, top layer leather fabric, retro European pull point craft, have single seat, double position and three person position, the fabric of oil wax leather comfortable overall feeling is strong.

5, neo-classical European-style small Huxing sofa. American country style sofa, neoclassical retro design style, pull buckle craft, modern feeling super strong sofa arc, comfortable sitting feeling.