Culture of Shenzhen Mebon furniture Co,.Ltd

Created Date: 2017-12-06 17:27:32

Shenzhen Mebon furniture Co,.Ltd be found in 2005,we insist the good quality and competitive price.we exported 60 containers every month,have many long time cooperate customers.

In the work we are good partner,in the life,we are good friend with the colleagues.we always have the the dinner party and outside activity,also have the competitive activity.

Let me show you our company culture,dear customers.

Look,this picture show us when we have the good grades of the order,and we go to study outside about the foreign sharing.

We are so happy and pleasure for it,we are like the family for help each other and grows up.

Looking,this is our new office,it look very nice,right?

These are our hero of the foreign business Pk between the 24 company.

We try our best to achieve their goal,and some surpass it,they are great,right?

This is t our outside activity of the climb mountains,so high,but we challenge ourself to arrive the mountaintop.

We were very exciting when we arrive it.It high 700 meters.

This is the birthday party of our colleagues,we celebrate together,it is warm of our Mebon family.

That's all,hope you can join us,dear friend~

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