My frist big customer on alibaba

Created Date: 2016-08-09 15:22:17

2016-4-1 April fool, this is a special day.

I received an inquiry”1000 pcs home theater” from Ann American in the 10pm, at that time, our boss brought us to Huizhou city for three days  Alibaba team work  training


It’s so simple inquiry, at that time gave a quick reply them, and said that we are in Shenzhen.


What happen? They reply me in seconds, really soon, and said that they are plan to visit our factory, are their China office is in Shenzhen too~


So I asked me assistant to send a quotation to them immediately.

And after we back to office, we keep in touch, and send all the information of our home theater to them, with all drawings , weight and colors ect ….

However, after got all the information, they do not give any reply, When I am going to call them. I got a call….

“Hey May…. It’s Ann from …. Why I call you? Is because you are the only one who give me reply in one second. and you are very profession, I can feel that your company is export in home theater, that is what we want.


Our Chinese team leader Will visit you tomorrow.

After they visit our factory and go though our production line, they give us a Thumbs Up, and said, although your factory is not very big, I can see that every procedure have QC , and your workers is always with a nice smile. That is a really nice factory”


After that day, we start to make the sample and we face some difficulties, as customer needs USE and blue light together, this we never meet, and we tried our best to work till 11pm and solved all these issue before sending this sample to Dong guan to combine loading.


Work is not easy, but our team feel very happy, as we work it out.

All the guys have a big smile and see the sample sending out.


I really appreciate that i am with a good company and with a good team.


Always back me up at the most difficult time.