My important customer

Created Date: 2016-09-13 16:28:35

That is the first year I work for Louis Donne, To be honestly I’m a newbie for furniture

My boss give me a new Alibaba account, I got my first inquiry on that day from a guy named Ham

I was so exciting that is my first inquiry from Alibaba, really cherish for that and thanks to the god.

So I make a nice detailed quotation sheet with all our best selling models under the help of my colleague.

I’m keep waiting for a week, after sending out this email. I was a little upset at that time, why still no reply from customer? But I can see on the email box that Ham have checked my email, why no reply?

The next week, I talked with my colleague and my boss about this issue, and my boss give me some other models which is suitable for Customer’s markets. Finally he reply me, but only a few words, seems not very interested.

Another week gone, still no any news from Ham,  then I go the our production line, and take some photo of our best selling goods running on our production and some photos of factory and our team. ..

Yes MrHam reply me again, but same as before, just a few words.

This time I take a risk and write an email and asked him why?


Why every time only a few words?

Guess what he reply?

“Call me please, my number is xxx…

Thanks god, that day I call him and know that he is concerned about the transportation. He told me he always meet transportation issue when ordered inland of their country.

So I know what my customer cares now. I sent our profession packing and loading photo to him…

And he is new and just have one shop. And I suggest what is the best models to him, finally he confirmed the order.


However, this is not the end, he is the first time for exporting from China. So he is considering about the exporting as well…


The next day, I try to find a solution with my shipping department, and make all these things done.


 2 am at night I still head in front of my computer and help him to solve all these issues which he cares.

The other morning, I got my finest gifts in the word.  which order was conformed and fully paid by Justin in alibaba.


This is my first customer in Alibaba, we both Newbie, but we try our best effort to work it out and solve it together.

This is what partnership should do for each other.


And without the assistant of my team, I am still a NEWBIE ~