My customer in the CIFF Fair

Created Date: 2016-09-13 16:29:41

That is an nice season in September, we attend the CIFF fair in the Guangzhou.

In the morning, I just go out from the toilet of the fair,  There comes three handsome guys with golden hair


“Hey handsome guy, Good morning!  Coming have a look on our models” I can not help to say hello to them.


Surprise me, they say hello to me and give me a nice smile. Finally I brought them to our booth, and we talked and discuss our models.

After talked we know that they are big buyers from Holland. And have 56 shops.

Their eyes keep looking on our sofas, and give some touch, and seat on our sofas,  they think we are very profession and have a good team, as my colleague is really helpful. After talked one hour, they finally select three models with three containers, to try to put on their floor.

They give me a big hug and said “really happy to meet you and your team! we will finalized the order and hope we can do long time business”


If I do not say hello to them and just pass by, what a big loss!


Love life and life will love you back!